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Plano offers New Year’s tips for beating winter burnout, pandemic stress and fatigue

Trying new activities and classes are among the city’s recommendations.

Plano is offering tips to help you beat the winter blues and the stress caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Although people have adapted to life full of social distancing, video conferencing and wearing face masks, it’s still important to connect with others, the city said in an announcement.

So as 2020 comes to a close, Plano is encouraging residents to examine how they have spent the past year. Have you taken on new hobbies or found a charitable cause that you are passionate about? What about reaching out to others?

If you find that you need a boost in some of these areas, here are some ideas the city has provided to go into the new year with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

  • Try something new. The new Plano recreation catalog has a mixture of free and affordable virtual and in-person classes that include crafts, fine arts, swimming, tennis, personal and professional development, music martial arts and fitness training.
  • Reconnect with friend or relative through a phone call or video chat.
  • Write a letter to someone special. Handwriting can help us slow down and fully form our thoughts.
  • Support local businesses such as restaurants and bookstores.
  • Take care of yourself through meditation, exercise, healthy eating and getting plenty of rest.
  • Reach out to supportive family members and friends to talk about your concerns or how you are feeling.
  • Get involved in community or faith-based groups. If you’re uncomfortable with in-person gatherings, it is often possible to connect with these groups online, through social media or via phone or email.
  • Find a cause that allows you to volunteer or donate to a nonprofit or food pantry. Plano’s Community Services Division also welcomes donations of time, skills and resources to support its housing-related programs.
  • Take time to reconnect with nature through Plano’s many parks and trails.

If the pandemic has you stressed out, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more tips for coping.

Connect with needs and opportunities from Get immediate access to organizations and people in the DFW area that need your help or can provide help during the Coronavirus crisis.

Teri Webster, Special Contributor. Teri Webster is a freelancer covering Plano for The Dallas Morning News. She has worked as a staff writer and freelancer for several area news outlets and is a regular contributor to Fort Worth Weekly. Email story tips to

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