CNBC correspondent Caruso-Cabrera joining board of Dallas financial firm, Beneficient 

Caruso-Cabrera will be on the board with private equity pioneer Tom Hicks and former Dallas Fed president Richard Fisher.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, CNBC's chief international correspondent and co-anchor of Power Lunch, is joining the board of Dallas-based Beneficient, a financial services firm specializing in private equity products.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera(CNBC / Courtesy photo )

Other notable board members are former Dallas Fed Bank president Richard Fisher, Dallas private equity pioneer Tom Hicks and investor Brad Heppner.

Caruso-Cabrera will remain on CNBC as a contributor to the network offering analysis and commentary, according to a note to staff from CNBC management published by Talking Biz News.

Here's the note about Caruso-Cabrera's status to staff from CNBC's Nikhil Deogun, editor in chief and senior vice president Business News, and Mark Hoffman, Chairman:


After a stellar 20-year career at CNBC, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, our Chief International Correspondent and Co-Anchor of "Power Lunch," has decided to join the board of a financial services company, effective September 1.

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There are few journalists who have been more closely associated with our network. Not only has Michelle anchored or filled in as anchor on every Business Day program, she has covered a wide range of stories from the 2008 financial crisis to multiple U.S. elections to the debt crisis in Greece. In her role as Chief International Correspondent, Michelle has parachuted into Cuba, Iran, Ukraine, Iraq and Italy, among many other countries, using her keen sense of storytelling to make news from abroad relevant and compelling for CNBC's viewers. Her ability to shape a story and ask penetrating and provocative questions in her interviews has made her a role model for many journalists.

Fortunately, Michelle will remain part of the CNBC family as a contributor to the network, offering analysis and commentary on international affairs, financial markets and geopolitics. In addition, she will serve as a guest host for "Squawk Box" and other programs.


We wish Michelle all the best in her new adventures.

Mark and Nik


And here's what Caruso-Cabrera said about her time at CNBC:

For 20 years, CNBC has given me a front-row seat to cover everything from the great recession of 2008 to the Greek debt crisis to presidential elections. During my time at the network, I've also had the opportunity to interview the biggest newsmakers in business and finance. Now, I hope to take the same skills I have used as a journalist into the field of corporate governance as I join the board of a financial services firm. I look forward to maintaining my great relationship with CNBC as a contributor to the network.

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