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Agents share in Top 100 Places to Work winner Fathom Realty’s fortune

Real estate agents share the company’s success — and give it high marks for servant-based leadership.


SPECIAL AWARD: Best Direction

Two years after Josh Harley stunned his agents with news that he was giving each of them shares of his McKinney-based Fathom Realty, he electrified them again at Fathom’s awards luncheon in March by announcing that the company was going public.

The audience jumped to its feet and gave Harley a six-minute standing ovation.

You see, Harley, Fathom’s 43-year-old founder and CEO, believes that employees deserve a stake in the company and a top-notch compensation package.

“We give every single person in our organization stock in the company the day they complete their first transaction. Some agents have tens of thousands of dollars in stock,” Harley says. “As we grow and achieve success together, we also share in the benefits of that success. We also give our people one of the best compensation plans in the industry. That allows us to attract and retain top talent.”

That secret sauce helped Fathom win this year’s No. 2 spot among our largest companies — its third Top 3 showing in its three entries.

The longer people stay, the greater their share.

Founded in 2010, the fast-growing, agent-owned real estate brokerage serves 19 states and has nine D-FW locations with 1,078 local workers.

“Our culture is designed to make each person feel like they are part of the family and are directly responsible for our success. Our compensation plan is designed to give each person the best possible opportunity to get ahead in life,” Harley says.

“Employees own shares of our holding company, which owns multiple companies. That means they own a piece of every one of those companies, not just Fathom Realty.”

Fathom got high marks from its employees for its values.

“Fathom Realty is sincere in its goals and aims for the good of everyone in the company — not just a particular group or person,” one employee wrote.

Among the benefits are cost-competitive health care insurance and an income protection plan that pays a lump sum to pay for other bills when an agent can’t work because of an accident or medical condition.

Harley describes his leadership style as servant-based. “Our goal is to help each person be their best and, in return, our organization is at its best,” the CEO says.

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