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Latitude among reasons Qentelli is a Top 100 Places to Work winner

Staffers at this software company say they feel valued and validated.


SPECIAL AWARD: Best at Showing Appreciation

Sanjay Jupudi doesn’t care when or where his Qentelli employees work — as long as they get their work done effectively and efficiently.

And if need be, they can bring their children to the office.

“Many times, parents are left with no choice but to bring kids to work,” says the 42-year-old president, who cofounded the Dallas-based custom software company in 2015.

Such latitude pushed Qentelli into third place among our small companies in its first showing.

So what the heck does Qentelli mean?

Jupudi and cofounder Prasanna Singaraju came up with the name over beer at The Rustic in Uptown. The good ones had been snagged by other companies or by people holding the names hostage, hoping to sell them for big bucks.

So he and Singaraju, who is on a special assignment with a client, started writing mashups of the words intelligent, quality and engineering on a coaster.

“After few variations, like Qentelligence, Qentel, we arrived at Qentelli,” says Jupudi, who was 38 at the time.

“I immediately logged on to Godaddy to register the name,” he says. “We omitted the ‘u’ after ‘q’ to give it a sense of style. Many say the name Qentelli sounds a little Italian. We all know things from Italy are of high quality, and we liked the Italian-ness to the name.”

Employees call themselves “Qentellects.”

The software company, which has 53 local employees, is on a fast-track trajectory and is in hiring mode.

“We are learning many things as we grow,” Jupudi says. “We want to expand the list of what makes us special to make Qentelli the first choice for anyone looking for a job.”

The company also won the special award for workers’ answers to this survey statement: I feel genuinely appreciated at this company.

Says one employee: “I have seen myself grow my career along with the company. Ideas are valued and feedback is considered here. That’s a great feeling to have.”

Another agrees. “I get to be a part of a growing team and learn something new almost every day. I know that I can grow and learn in my role, and that is something I am happy to take advantage of.”

Editor’s note: Corrected Feb. 17 to reflect that Prasanna Singaraju is still with the company.

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