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First-time Top 100 Places to Work winner K2 Construction takes a measured approach

Dual leaders create a cohesive team by hiring experts who enjoy one another’s company


SPECIAL AWARD: Top Small Company Leaders Karl Kerr and David Danielson

K2 Construction wants to get the stress out.

“We work in a deadline-driven industry, but it doesn’t have to be stressful,” says David Danielson, principal of the Dallas-based general construction company. “Our goal is to provide a relaxed and fun work environment while delivering a consistently high level of service to our clients.”

Employees say the company, which has one D-FW location and 51 workers, is doing a great job at that.

“K2’s management and coworkers make it fun and relaxed,” one worker says. “People work hard and self-motivate but aren’t pressured by leadership or peers. The buy-in to shared values creates a cohesive team and family feel here.”

K2 joins our Top 100 list in a big way as our No. 1 small company.

“It really all boils down to the fact that we have a really solid group of construction experts who love what they do and truly enjoy each other’s company,” says Danielson, who cofounded K2 with Karl Kerr in 2002. “When one person succeeds, we all succeed.”

K2 knows how to celebrate, with happy hours after a successful project completion, ringing the bell after a big win, or its K2 “thumbs up” program, Danielson says. “But a lot of the celebrations happen one-on-one between peers or project teams. It’s ingrained into our culture to carve out time for these things.”

As for community work, K2 completed a pro bono project for Café Momentum to build a community center below its existing not-for-profit restaurant, which hires young workers coming out of juvenile facilities.

Beyond traditional benefits, the company provides daily lunches, sit-stand desks and an office equipped with darts, shuffleboard and a putting green on the patio. On-site happy hours aren’t just for special wins — they happen every Friday.

Want flexible hours and a casual dress code?

No problem.

“Most importantly, we’re willing to be flexible, to adjust benefits as times and people change, and to make sure we are prioritizing people over policy,” Danielson says. “The K2 Crew has an ‘all for one, one for all’ mentality.”

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