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‘Camfam’ clicks at Top 100 winner Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media

Its workers came together as an even stronger team during the pandemic.

No. 3 Small Company

2-Time Winner

One of the things staffers at Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media missed most during pandemic times was schmoozing with each other or greeting clients with a bottle of Topo Chico in hand.

The official Topo Chico fridge in the breakroom is one of workers’ favorite perks and an iconic mark of the advertising and marketing company’s service.

The surge of the delta variant repeatedly delayed reopening its headquarters on Walnut Hill Lane, said Alex Richter, chief marketing officer.

“We kept our office unofficially open for those who need to use the space for whatever reason — a change of pace, meeting space or to grab a hard-to-find glass-bottled Topo Chico,” he said.

You gotta love a company that views imported fizzy mineral water as an integral part of its culture.

Its 102 local employees certainly do — along with many other aspects of working there. That’s why Camelot is this year’s No. 3 small company.

One employee summed it up this way: “Camelot is focused on the happiness of all employees while doing great work for our clients. It offers flexibility in order to achieve a solid work/life balance. I feel empowered to offer feedback and make recommendations both internally and externally. I feel valued.”

Employees gave their strongest support to the statement: I have confidence in the leader of this company.

The agency grew in numbers and reach, with 36 additional hires and offices in five new cities.

“In the face of so many headwinds, our team continued to rally and persevere, continuing to help our clients and each other — our ‘CamFam’ — tackle the opportunities in front of us,” Richter said. “This success enabled our team and agency to continue to thrive within a hailstorm of uncertainty.”

The CamFam, he said, came together as an even stronger team. “It’s been a beautiful thing to witness our CamFam positively tackle so many unprecedented realities, coming together as an even stronger team.”

Beyond the financial success: “We had nine babies born and a whole lot of new dogs and fur babies,” he said. “We have maintained an incredibly flexible and supportive structure to allow for our team to continue to put their families first.”

What is something that he’s delighted to see in the rearview mirror?

“Appreciation for the joy and importance of the in-person human connection is one that we had all taken for granted and have sorely missed,” Richter said. “We look forward to a future without hesitation or reservation of being physically together — to share a cup of coffee, some killer Texas barbecue or just to swap stories and share some laughs.”

Camelot account management’s Aubri Elliott (left) and Erika Newsom chat before a client...
Camelot account management’s Aubri Elliott (left) and Erika Newsom chat before a client meeting.(Juan Figueroa / Staff Photographer)
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