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Would you try ‘deep fried air’ at the State Fair of Texas?

This corny joke is full of hot air.

They’ll fry anything at the State Fair of Texas. Even deep fried air? That’s the newest dish Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs says it plans to sell at the State Fair of Texas in fall 2022.

Dig into the details and, well: They’re full of hot air.

Fletcher's Original Corny Dogs and the State Fair of Texas went so far as to create...
Fletcher's Original Corny Dogs and the State Fair of Texas went so far as to create believable signs, touting the new 'deep fried air.'

“Battered to perfection with Fletcher’s trademarked secret corny dog mix, this new food is deliciously crunchy on the outside and full of hot, steamy air on the inside,” it says here.

Are you picking up what they’re putting down?

This is a deep-fried April Fools’ Day prank, and a pretty good one.

Their phony “new concoction” preys upon the silliness of the State Fair’s Big Tex Choice Awards, where concessionaires set out to fry darn near anything in order to win a trophy and take home a lot of extra cash.

“Concessionaires spend months — sometimes years — developing brand-new concepts that have never been made before anywhere in the world. While we typically announce new foods closer to the fair, we were so blown away by this new concoction, we had to share it now,” reads a very official-looking press release.

Also, this is just funny: “Sure to be a 2022 F-air favorite, Deep Fried Air is perfect for people from all walks of life, including vegans and vegetarians.”

Sorry, meatless eaters. And air enthusiasts. There’s a big, fat hole in this State Fair stunt. And we’re eating it up.

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