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Area baseball stat leaders (3/20): See who has the best stats in D-FW

See top individual and team stats here.

The story has been updated after originally being published with outdated stat leaders.

Below are cumulative season stats, as provided by Dallas-area coaches, as of March 20.

Don’t see your school’s stats?

If you do not see your school’s stats, coaches can email them to by noon each Sunday for inclusion in our weekly leaders.

Softball leaders for this week can be seen here.


Batting average (minimum 35 at-bats)

Batter, SchoolABHAVG
Austin Dyke, Fort Worth Southwest Christian5529.527
Parker Ibrahimi, Mansfield Legacy4222.524
Brayden Randle, Rockwall5125.490
Samuel Jenkins, Trinity Christian - Addison3919.487
Brandon Pierre, Mansfield Summit5224.462
Austin Gathright, Frisco4922.449
James Bradberry, Fort Worth Southwest Christian5223.442
Mac Rose, Rockwall5624.429
Jake Overstreet, Rockwall5021.420
Will Johnson, Fort Worth Southwest Christian6527.415
Dylan Schlaegel, Mansfield Legacy4117.415
Ryan Healey, Frisco Liberty4619.413
Jayden Norris, Grapevine Faith Christian3916.410
Andy Neal, Grapevine Faith Christian4217.405
Parker Asturi, John Paul II4016.400
Caden Richardson, Little Elm4518.400
Olden Gunnip, Grapevine Faith Christian3815.395
Jace Christian, Grapevine5622.393
Brock Roden, Grapevine Faith Christian4116.390
Jacob Carlson, John Paul II5220.385
Diego Torano, Carrollton Creekview4216.381
Justin Blancaflor, John Paul II6324.381
Grant Cerveny, Anna3714.378
Michael Catalano, Frisco5119.373
Cade Plunkett, Frisco4316.372
Micah Kendrick, Rockwall6323.365
Josh Viars, Prosper Rock Hill4717.362
Colin Hitchcock, McKinney North3914.359
Landon Karrh, Frisco5620.357
Abe Woods, Trinity Christian - Addison5620.357
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ERA (minimum 20 innings)

Player, SchoolWLERA
Ryan Romolo, Grapevine Faith Christian500.51
Remington Spoerl, Rockwall200.97
Julio Perez, Mansfield Summit310.97
Landon Karrh, Frisco311.00
Curtis Wolfe, John Paul II521.24
Caden Richardson, Little Elm201.27
Cameron Langsdale, McKinney North211.33
Jackson Burns, Fort Worth Southwest Christian411.35
Blake Julius, Mansfield Legacy311.48
Pearson Riebock, Rockwall301.54
Luke Isett, Jesuit401.56
Kason Perkins, Anna221.59
Colby Thorsen, Frisco Liberty321.67
Thomas Melvin, John Paul II311.75
James Lewis, Fort Worth Southwest Christian301.88
Adam Pineda, Mesquite301.97
Kendall McDowell, John Paul II412.13
John Byler, Grapevine Faith Christian212.30
Brady Coe, Allen102.30
Dylan Belyea, Frisco Memorial312.33
Dillon Brandt, Jesuit303.10
Mac Rose, Rockwall213.13
Diego Torano, Carrollton Creekview314.14

Runs batted in

Player, SchoolNo.
Austin Dyke, Fort Worth Southwest Christian29
Samuel Jenkins, Trinity Christian - Addison23
Michael Catalano, Frisco20
Jayden Norris, Grapevine Faith Christian20
Andy Neal, Grapevine Faith Christian20
Mac Rose, Rockwall20
Parker Ibrahimi, Mansfield Legacy20
Micah Kendrick, Rockwall19
Kendall McDowell, John Paul II19
Justin Blancaflor, John Paul II18
Bennett Fryman, Frisco Lone Star18
Colin Hitchcock, McKinney North17
Austin Gathright, Frisco17
William Lehman, Trinity Christian - Addison17
Curtis Wolfe, John Paul II17
Jackson Burns, Fort Worth Southwest Christian16
Jacob Carlson, John Paul II16
Ajay Goluguri, Trinity Christian - Addison16
Irvin Leonard, Little Elm16
Brayden Randle, Rockwall16
Caden Anholt, Grapevine Faith Christian15
James Bradberry, Fort Worth Southwest Christian15
Andre Vasquez, Fort Worth Southwest Christian15
Jake Fults, Jesuit15
Landon Karrh, Frisco14
Camden Abercrombie, Fort Worth Country Day14
Ryan Williams, Grapevine13
James Dagenhart, Frisco Lone Star13
Jonah Timmons, Jesuit13
Derrick Mitchell, John Paul II13

Home runs

Player, SchoolNo.
Garrison St. Romain, Grapevine Faith Christian13
Jackson Harvey, Mansfield Summit9
Andy Neal, Grapevine Faith Christian5
Bennett Fryman, Frisco Lone Star4
Irvin Leonard, Little Elm3
Samuel Jenkins, Trinity Christian - Addison3
Justin Blancaflor, John Paul II3
Derrick Mitchell, John Paul II3
Parker Ibrahimi, Mansfield Legacy3
Colin Hitchcock, McKinney North3
Caden Richardson, Little Elm2
Chase Womack, Frisco Lone Star2
Luke Devasher, Mansfield Legacy2
Harrison Hays, Royse City2
Kendall McDowell, John Paul II2
Curtis Wolfe, John Paul II2
Blake Stillman, Prosper Rock Hill2
Micah Kendrick, Rockwall2
Remington Spoerl, Rockwall2
Mac Rose, Rockwall2
James Dagenhart, Frisco Lone Star2
Brayden Randle, Rockwall2
Jayden Norris, Grapevine Faith Christian2
Will Johnson, Fort Worth Southwest Christian1
Jake Fults, Jesuit1
Nico Michaelides, Trinity Christian - Addison1
William Lehman, Trinity Christian - Addison1
Drew Muller, Greenhill1
Austin Dyke, Fort Worth Southwest Christian1
Taylor Haddock, Jesuit1

Stolen bases

Player, SchoolNo.
Micah Kendrick, Rockwall19
Justin Blancaflor, John Paul II16
Brandon Pierre, Mansfield Summit16
Austin Gathright, Frisco15
Dylan Schlaegel, Mansfield Legacy15
Will Johnson, Fort Worth Southwest Christian14
Maurice Thompson, Greenhill14
Derrick Mitchell, John Paul II14
Pearson Riebock, Rockwall13
Alex Turman, Fort Worth Southwest Christian13
Sammy Kelley, Grapevine13
James Bradberry, Fort Worth Southwest Christian13
Aidan Armato, Grapevine12
Brayden Randle, Rockwall12
Kendall McDowell, John Paul II11
Zachary Randall, Mansfield Summit11
Adam Gomez, Royse City11
Landon Karrh, Frisco10
Gamalier Figueroa, Royse City9
Nick Barber, Jesuit9
Jace Christian, Grapevine9
Charles LeCroy, Royse City8
Scott Sanders, Grapevine Faith Christian8
Cade Plunkett, Frisco8
Brayden Phelps, Royse City8
Derrek Behrens, John Paul II8
Jackson Harvey, Mansfield Summit8
Jake Fults, Jesuit8
Remington Spoerl, Rockwall8
Cooper Kirkpatrick, Fort Worth Southwest Christian7


Player, SchoolNo.
Ryan Romolo, Grapevine Faith Christian5
Curtis Wolfe, John Paul II5
Luke Devasher, Mansfield Legacy4
Grayson St. Romain, Grapevine Faith Christian4
Kendall McDowell, John Paul II4
Luke Isett, Jesuit4
Jackson Burns, Fort Worth Southwest Christian4
Blake Julius, Mansfield Legacy3
Diego Torano, Carrollton Creekview3
Nick Foster, Fort Worth Country Day3
Pearson Riebock, Rockwall3
Julio Perez, Mansfield Summit3
Thomas Melvin, John Paul II3
Andy Neal, Grapevine Faith Christian3
Isaac Gammel, Allen3
Dylan Parker, Frisco Memorial3
Luis Castillo, Mesquite3
Dillon Brandt, Jesuit3
Matthew Moore, Fort Worth Southwest Christian3
Landon Karrh, Frisco3
Peyton Fiene, McKinney North3
Hunter Hamilton, Frisco Liberty3
Colby Thorsen, Frisco Liberty3
Dylan Belyea, Frisco Memorial3
Dasan Hill, Grapevine3
Wes Cunningham, Grapevine3
James Lewis, Fort Worth Southwest Christian3
Will Johnson, Fort Worth Southwest Christian3
Adam Pineda, Mesquite3
Bennett Fryman, Frisco Lone Star2


Player, SchoolNo.
Jackson Burns, Fort Worth Southwest Christian56
Ryan Romolo, Grapevine Faith Christian52
Caden Richardson, Little Elm38
Chandler Hart, Allen36
Thomas Melvin, John Paul II35
Grayson St. Romain, Grapevine Faith Christian34
Dasan Hill, Grapevine34
Brady Coe, Allen32
Bennett Fryman, Frisco Lone Star31
Blake Julius, Mansfield Legacy31
Adam Pineda, Mesquite27
Cade Plunkett, Frisco27
Grayson McKelvey, Fort Worth Southwest Christian26
Joe Allen, Jesuit26
Remington Spoerl, Rockwall25
Andy Neal, Grapevine Faith Christian24
Landon Karrh, Frisco24
Peyton Fiene, McKinney North24
Ian Garza, Frisco Liberty23
Jamison Adams, Anna22
Pearson Riebock, Rockwall22
Jack Garza, McKinney North22
Mac Rose, Rockwall22
Nick Foster, Fort Worth Country Day22
Dylan Belyea, Frisco Memorial22
Isaac Gammel, Allen22
Kendall McDowell, John Paul II21
James Lewis, Fort Worth Southwest Christian20
John Byler, Grapevine Faith Christian20
Hayden Heflin, Trinity Christian - Addison20

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