September 10, 2022 at 7:00PM CDT
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FRISCO -- Jeremiah Gilkey returned two blocked punts for touchdowns and intercepted a pass to help lead Frisco (2-1, 1-0 District 6-5AI) to a 63-7 win over Frisco Liberty (0-3, 0-1) Friday night at the Ford Center.

Frisco’s defense accounted for seven turnovers, five for touchdowns, to go up 49-0 at halftime.

Brandon Miyazono returned a fumble within 13 seconds of the second quarter for a 30-yard touchdown. With 5:32 left in the quarter Ismael Taylor had a 78-yard interception for a touchdown.

Frisco finished the night with zero passing yards but ran for 304 yards and five touchdowns. They were able to do this with 12 rushers, with the leader being Kam Pendergraph on 75 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

Liberty was able to score with 8 seconds left with a pass from Jacob Nickell for 10 yards Jon Jessop for the touchdown.