Lawsuit alleges 6th-grade boy sexually abused kindergarten girls at Rockwall ISD school

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, alleges the school district was negligent in allowing the boy access to a kindergarten classroom without parents’ knowledge.

Six families are suing Rockwall ISD, alleging that their kindergarten-age girls were sexually abused by an older boy at Amy Parks-Heath Elementary School last year.

The federal lawsuit, filed Wednesday in the U.S. district court for the Northern District of Texas, says the district was negligent in allowing the sixth-grader access to the kindergarten classroom in the form of unofficial tutoring time.

In addition to Rockwall ISD, the lawsuit names several other defendants: Lindy Lewis, then the school’s principal; kindergarten teacher Ashley Rankin; and the boy’s parents.


In a statement to WFAA-TV (Channel 8), the district said it had not been served with the lawsuit yet and does not comment on pending litigation. Rankin declined to comment. Lewis could not immediately be reached by phone or email, and it was unclear whether she had an attorney.

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According to the lawsuit, Amy Parks-Heath administration sent some sixth-graders to kindergarten classrooms to assist the younger students with reading or math during a gap in the older students’ schedule. The program, created by Lewis, had no “structure protocol nor plan,” the lawsuit says.

The parents of the kindergarteners were never informed of the tutoring time, the lawsuit says.


The abuse was brought to light in April 2022 when a male kindergartener told his father that “the kid who helps us with math” was touching his female classmates inappropriately. The lawsuit alleges the young boy did not tell his teacher — Rankin — because she had a policy not to bother her while she wore “Mickey Mouse ears.”

“This is problematic, because the teacher has a duty to safeguard her students, rather than to shut herself off from them,” the lawsuit says.


According to the lawsuit, five girls had made outcries by the time school officials interviewed the sixth-grader, who admitted to touching the children. On that day, the sixth-grader was allowed to board the same school bus home as some of the girls.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges there was no sexual assault reporting protocol in place at the campus, which delayed the administrative response, and that the school did not attempt to locate additional victims or sufficiently alert parents to the situation. At least two other victims were discovered privately, the lawsuit says, adding that it’s unclear how many total victims there might be.

According to the families’ lawyers, the sixth-grader was prosecuted in Rockwall County’s juvenile court system. The outcome of that case was not clear.

According to the lawsuit, Rankin, the kindergarten teacher, was forced to resign.

The elementary school has since hired a new principal. Rockwall ISD, whose offices were closed Friday, could not immediately be reached to comment on the nature of Lewis’ departure.

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