Letters to the Editor — Three cheers for kind strangers, Luby’s and teachers

Readers shared how strangers paid for their meal; enjoyed Luby’s; and admired the joyfulness in teachers.

1 Kind strangers — Last Sunday, I took my wife out to dinner for Mother’s Day. We had a very nice meal at a local pizza restaurant. After we were finished and the check had been delivered, I was handing my credit card to our server when another server came up and told her not to take the card, that the table next to us was paying our bill.

We were flabbergasted and appreciative beyond words. We thanked them over and over. They told us we were a cute couple! We’re both over 70 and don’t think of ourselves as cute!

In any event, I have thought about this over the past couple of days. I now want to look for ways to pay their kindness forward. But, I can’t help but wonder how much better our world would be if we all looked for ways to be kind — buying a coffee for the person in line behind us, sharing a kind word or compliment, letting in a car in front of us instead of cutting them off. There are many ways, and I believe that we all would be better for it.


Mario Vitale, Southlake


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2 Luby’s Cafeteria — When I moved to Dallas in 1976, the Luby’s at Meadow Road and Central Expressway became my kitchen, as I have very few cooking inclinations. When I bought my first home in Richardson, there was, again, Luby’s nearby on Arapaho Road. When I bought the next home in Plano, there was good ol’ Luby’s at Collin Creek Mall.

After watching most of my Luby’s cafeterias close, we transitioned to eating at Luby’s at Park and Preston in Plano. But as of April 14, 2024, that Luby’s has also closed.


Throughout the years, my grandchildren who came to see me from Syracuse, N.Y., and Charlotte, N.C., always enjoyed getting to pick out what they wanted from Luby’s. And, oh, that colorful Jell-O was right there in the front. Sure, they had school cafeterias. But not a dining out cafeteria.

I want to give a final shoutout to Luby’s Cafeteria because it fed me, my family and my friends for all these decades. Over my career from the last 47 years, I have been blessed to be able to enjoy some of the top restaurants in our country. Yet, after a few nights of too much butter and heavy sauces, I would always welcome getting back home to a Luby’s vegetable plate.

I even saved your food reporter Sarah Blaskovich a Luby’s to-go cup that says, 90% of Relationships Is Figuring Out Where To Eat.”


Long live that Luby’s legendary line! It’s truly a Texas tradition. And, thank you, Sarah, for all you do to keep us well informed and well fed.

Sherry Shaw, Plano

3 Teachers — Rejoice — it’s a word we don’t hear often. Though the root of the word is joy, it’s more than that. It’s the deliberate act of returning to joy. Rejoicing is not a feeling, but an action, coming back to hope even when you don’t feel like it.

During the school year, students often feel weary and apathetic. These emotions are exacerbated when students struggle through conflicts. After a long night of homework, athletics or social activities, they enter the classroom with heavy eyes, forced smiles and tired souls.

However, a few uplifting words from a teacher can change everything. Teachers not only lead the classroom, they lead the atmosphere. When teachers are joyful, it opens the door for students to rejoice.

Teachers serve as a guide, beckoning students to focus on the good and experience the joy of learning. Though teachers also have hard days, they possess the incredible ability to see past themselves and return to joy for their students.

As May is Teacher Appreciation Month, take a moment to say thank you, teachers, for helping us return to the joy of learning and loving others.

Kylie Jones, Addison


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