Cowboys great Michael Irvin is scared of Eagles, Jalen Hurts

Irvin was impressed by the Cowboys’ resilience against the Bengals, but worried the Eagles could be a Super Bowl team out of the NFC.

Former Cowboys great Michael Irvin joined Shan and RJ on on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM] Thursday morning to discuss the Cowboys’ win over the Bengals, Cooper Rush and the surging Philadelphia Eagles. Here’s what he had to say.

Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

How much hope was restored with that win against the Bengals?


Irvin: “These days, that’s all you get in this league. It’s six day or hero. That’s all you’re getting in this league. Cooper Rush right now is a hero. I had somebody text me Monday afternoon and it said, ‘can you believe that win? In Rush we trust.’ We trust that one game. We know he did that last year. Now I need Rush to improve on Rush. You gave us one winner last year. Give us more this year. Give me one more right now. Let me just see you get this win Monday night and Rush will move to a new category for me. Remember, I was talking to you guys like, why are we trying to get rid of Rush? Why would we try to find other backup quarterbacks? And I said we don’t bring up Colin Kaepernick. Give me Rush. I’ll take a risk with Rush because he’s seen a real blitz in the last few years. That’s the difference. I want somebody that has seen some real football and thank god he did and we got that game.”


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You mentioned on Monday that you made Cooper Rush your top playmaker of the week. What goes on in there? Preshow with Stephen A. (Smith), does he know you’re going there?

Irvin: “No. It was priceless. I was driving in my car yesterday, I was laughing about that. And then if you heard Molly (Qerim), she says ‘Mike, well you always go too far.’ Yes I do. I’m that kid that always takes things too far... Now, last week out of all the guys who stepped up and made a play, none of them had to travel a further distance and accomplish Cooper Rush accomplished.”


Does that win say more about the Cowboys or Bengals?

Irvin: “I hate to say it but I think it says more about where the Bengals are at right now. But I love that it said what it said about the Cowboys. The Bengals, man. I thought it was a delicate situation. Everybody is talking about how horrible your offensive line is. And now you bring in a brand new offensive line. We didn’t have anything else to talk about other than how many times Joe Burrow got hit. And in the Super Bowl. Now you go and change out guys who took you to the Super Bowl and now you are slacking. You’ve disrupted that whole team and Joe got hurt. You know what I mean? it’s hard to get back on track unless you have an Emmitt Smith coming after starting 0-2, and they don’t have and Emmitt Smith comping after starting 0-2 to get back to a Super Bowl like we did. But for Dallas to get that win the way it got that win. Go up once and then Cincy fights back, but you don’t fold. You still come back and you close out that game. I think that’s big for Dallas in that sense.”

How worried are you about the Philadelphia Eagles, and is Jalen Hurts for real?


Irvin: “I’m so scared. I told you guys early, when I look at this it looks kind of scared. And it looks scary for a long time if they can get it going. I said it depends on hands on the steering wheel with the coaches, and the guy who has the ball under center. Jalen Hurts. I’ve heard for a million years that he can’t improve on accuracy. Halen Hurts has improved his accuracy quite a bit.. he looks great throwing the football right now. They’ve got talent now and great draft picks coming up to add to a team. When I was Monday night my stomach hurt. I felt like I was watching the AFC and NFC representative sin the Super Bowl. It felt like that when I was watching Buffalo beat down and Philadelphia beat down on their opponent on each game. Are these two headed for a Super Bowl match? That’s just something I felt in my spirit. I hope my spirit was wrong. But both of those teams Monday night, they looked unstoppable.”

Next three years, Hurtz or Dak (Prescott)?

Irvin: “I got to see if Hurts can keep this progress up.”

Who can throw it better and does that outweigh everything?

Irvin: “Quarterbacks come in all different shapes and forms and sometimes create more of an issue. And Jalen Hurts, this 600-pound squatting dude, went over a guy on the goal line the other day. With his ability to run, he doesn’t have to throw the ball quite as well as Dak, because Dak ain’t running quite as well as him. He can be right up under Dak, while still end up being a little better than Dak.”

I’m asking you this just because you’re a die-hard Mavs fan. Ultimate greatness, Luka (Doncic) or Micah (Parsons)?

Irvin: “Listen, man. I love Luka. Both of them are going to be great, there’s no question about that.”

What’s the ceiling? If it’s Lawrence Taylor, and then Luka get’s compared to whoever, ultimately who will have the more legendary career?


Irvin: “Luka will have the more legendary career because Luka has a ball in his corner, right? He controls everything. Micah is pushing himself in the action, but Luka is the center of all action. It starts with Luka so we are going to put our eyes on him. But Micah has to grab it. Luka can control his greatness, but Micah has to go get it. Luka has the ball first and most, so you have to go Luka.”

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