Sherrington: Nothing screams ‘Jerry Jones production’ quite like Jimmy Johnson’s ROH nod

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Kevin Sherrington’s A La Carte

— Nothing screams “a Jerry Jones production” quite like the presser for Jimmy Johnson’s Ring of Honor announcement bleeding over into the actual football game Sunday in Charlotte. Once upon a time, this was the kind of distraction that would have sent Jimmy over the guardrails. Not so much when someone else is driving the bus, apparently. Say what you want about Dak Prescott, but he gets it. Told what the boss had done to supersede the Cowboys’ 33-10 win over the Panthers, he said, “Just another day being a Dallas Cowboy.”

— Come to think of it, maybe Jerry’s on-and-off relationship with Jimmy all these years had nothing to do with how long it took him to get around to it. Maybe he was just waiting for a game he was pretty sure he’d win.


— As statistics go, a pick six is as flukey as they come. But four in 10 games? I’m no coach, but it seems like DaRon Bland is playing the wrong position. Think how many touchdowns the guy might have if someone were trying to throw him the ball. As it is, the second-year cornerback joined Eric Allen (1993), Jim Kearney (1972) and the great Ken Houston (1971) with four pick sixes in a season. His 11 picks since entering the NFL are the most in the league over that span. Almost makes you forget Trevon Diggs. Pro Football Focus hasn’t always liked Diggs because he gambles so much. Bland? Ranked second among cornerbacks.


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— Look, I’m all for Dak making himself a moving target. But lining him up at WR in the wildcat and talking about actually throwing him the football? Uh, no. If you’re determined to demonstrate how smart you are, Mike McCarthy, throw it to Bland. At least he knows what to do with it.

— The Cowboys could well close the door on Ron Rivera’s run with a win over Washington. The Commanders were swept by the Giants, who have been jostling for a shot at Caleb Williams for weeks.


Story time: Glad to see Jerry and Jimmy have let bygones be bygones, but it got so dicey at times even yours truly once got sucked into it. Before the Cowboys played Jimmy’s Miami Dolphins in 1996, I wrote a long takeout about how Jimmy had turned his back on his friendship with Jerry, Barry Switzer and Larry Lacewell, then the Cowboys’ personnel director.

They’d all once been big pals, particularly Jimmy, Barry and Larry, who’d been assistants under Chuck Fairbanks at Oklahoma. They told some funny stories about those days. Except Jimmy didn’t think they were so funny when I related the quotes at the Dolphins’ headquarters the week before the game.

What he really didn’t like was Jerry playing mind games with him. Jimmy figured he was the one who got into people’s heads, not the other way around. Anyway, Jimmy was so frazzled by my questions, he misinterpreted the last one, resulting in his finger pointed directly at my fine aquiline nose. He then had me escorted from the premises, a first for your intrepid reporter. Even called my boss, Dave Smith, and told him that if I showed up at the presser after the game, he wouldn’t talk.


In the interests of international diplomacy, it was decided that I should watch the game from my living room. Getting thrown out of one joint was enough for me. I mean, I’m not Randy Galloway.

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