Danny Green discusses Mavericks-Celtics Game 2 and how Dallas can bounce back

The Mavericks dropped the first two games of the series in Boston and find themselves in a precarious 0-2 hole.

Former NBA player Danny Green joined the K&C Masterpiece on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM] Monday to discuss Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

Answers have been edited lightly for clarity.

It felt like Game 2, because of a variety of factors, was a game the Mavericks should have won. Do you agree?


Danny Green: Should have. You got a team like Boston shooting 25% from three, you should win and take advantage of it. Unfortunately it didn’t happen but there’s a lot of upside. You guys are going back home, where I don’t think Boston has relatively in this postseason been great on the road. They’ve always turned the switch on at the end. There’s a lot of basketball left. [Kyrie Irving] will play better not in that Boston building, being at home. So there’s a lot of a lot of things to look at. You guys are still within the game.


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How do you approach this from the Mavericks’ standpoint, knowing you have to win two at home, but you obviously can’t win two until you win one?


Green: Just going in with that mindset. You got to get that first one, you got to get over the hump of winning the first game. I’ve been down before. One time I’ve won being down 0-2 was when I was in Toronto, we were down to Milwaukee. Ultimately, we had to make sure we got that third game, get over the hump, and that was a close one. After that, Game 4 we just played more free, we played really well, we shot the ball well. Then we kind of beat them pretty handily. After that it’s a new series, once you get to 2-2, it’s evened up. They get a little more tight, they get a little bit less confidence. So it’s really up to you to kind of just take it take it one game at a time and win that that first one at home. You got to get that one.

How much of Kyrie Irving’s struggles would you attribute to Boston’s defense or to the Celtics’ crowd getting in his head a little bit?


Green: I think there’s a little bit of both. They’re playing really good defense, can’t take anything away from them. I think these guys could do a better job screening. Jrue Holiday is very good at getting over screens. But you can still set up a little better and they can screen [Jrue Holiday] a little bit more and get some of those guys off of him. But also they’re able to play defense well because guys aren’t shooting well. The shots that PJ Washington was hitting, the shots that Derrick Jones Jr. was hitting, you need to use Tim Hardaway Jr. at some point if you’re not making shots. They’re able to crowd the paint and use their length and not let [Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic] work the way they were in the other series because those guys aren’t hitting the threes as well. If you’re back home in that building, I think those guys hit more shots ultimately. Ultimately, you got to win Game 3. If not, the series is over. But I think there’s a lot of basketball left. I don’t know if they’ll pull out a win but I think they can for sure.

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